Springer Spaniels & Separation Anxiety

by Sam

Hi all! I'm a new springer mom, I just adopted a 4.5 year old female springer named Henna. She is doing really well- she's quite layed back for a springer and has only 1 accident in the house (we're housebreaking from scratch). She seems to love her crate (goes in it to lay down freely) and is fine in it at night. However, whenever I leave the house and put her in the crate she starts crying/doing this strange howling thing. I tried putting kongs full of peanut butter, interactive toys and treats in there with no luck. She's only been with me for a week so I'm assuming it will just take more time but I wanted to see if anyone had any other suggestions!


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May 22, 2013
Anxiety NEW
by: Michele

My Aussie used to react the same way to my leaving. I did a couple of things, which really are quite simple. First, like you, I give him a Kong filled with peanut butter. Or another nice treat is yogurt, peanut butter, banana and a teeny bit of honey. You'll want to freeze that due to the yogurt. Second, leave a radio or TV on when you leave. Third, do not speak to her for the last 15 or 20 minutes before you leave the house. Quietly direct her to wherever you allow her to stay while you're gone. I point to the laundry room which is where our dog stays when we aren't home. Then I turn on the radio and finish up whatever I need to do prior to leaving. Be calm as dogs do pick up on your energy! As I walk out the door I set the Kong on the floor and just keep going. Try to leave every day for a few minutes each time. Each day add 5 or 10 minutes. It's really just a matter of retraining and allowing her to adjust to her new environment. She will be an excellent dog for you once she settles in and realizes she is safe and at home.

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