Springer with Skin Problems

by Phyl
(Mpls, MN)

My 3 year old springer Dexter has terrible skin problems. We have tested for allergies. This does not seem to be the problem. We have changed his diet and fed him fish oil. He has had large doses of antibiotics. We bathe him weekly with medicated shampoo. He still has terrible flaking. Has anyone had this problem? We are now wondering if he is getting sunburned in the summer, causing sores and flaking when they dry?????

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Aug 15, 2018
Skin problems NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, My Springer has this and it was diagnosed as Sebaceous Adenitis.

Aug 28, 2017
Itchy flakey skin 3yr old springer NEW
by: Maggie

Thank you Sasha these are all good ideas my Springer has had allergies for about 6 months now or skin is flaky chunks of itchy skin scratching all the time medicated baths went to a lamb based diet no other changes other than an occasional Benadryl going to see if the vet can pinpoint it and eliminate thyroid issues but it's an uphill battle your ideas are great thank you

May 09, 2013
Changing Diet NEW
by: Sasha

Springers in general, as with many other Spaniels tend to have sensitive skin and stomachs. They may not have allergies as such but still react to food and other factors with itchy, flaky skin. You mentioned you changed the diet, but from what to what? We tried four different foods (all for dogs with senstive skins and allergies)before we found a diet that worked for our dog. I can recommend doing home cooked meals that take out preservatives and chemicals completely as this is very often a cause. If you feel that you have gone the diet and supplement route completely (EFAZOL is a really good supplement) then the next step would be to check what he comes into contact with. Are there any plants he frequently rubs against, does he lie in a specific place everyday. Perhaps insects are biting him(in my country termites can be a pretty big problem for dogs) and he is constantly scratching. In fact it could even be that. If he scratches a lot try to make him wear booties during the day sometimes the scrathcing can be as bad as whatever is making them itch in the first place. Again it may not be an allergy but constant contact of something. Otherwise try keeping him on allergy medicine such as ALERGEX. That really helped my dog and its safe to use. We just gave him one tablet in the morning eventhough his allergy test also came back clear. He is now tablet and supplement free and his sin and coat have never looked better once we found a sensitive skin dog food that worked for him.

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