Springers Getting Fat

by Alex

My Springer (Tegan) is Quite Chunky and were wondering how to get her weight down, shes 4 in october, so we dont no if its a thing with age, she doesn't eat loads and she has an 1 hour run everyday!

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

Hi there
How much is she eating? you may be over feeding her especially is she is getting treats as well. Try out my guide for overweight springers you should fin lots of tips and hints there on how to manage her weight.

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Sep 01, 2017
Exercise NEW
by: Anonymous

I loved my springer. He didn't eat much either. But springers are working dogs and need lots of exercise. I would suggest that 1 hour is simply not enough. I had to adjust to a minimum of 1 and a half hours a day exercise (off the lead) - but usually 2 hrs a day (and more at weekends). He stopped putting on weight...and the best outcome was that I lost weight!

Oct 05, 2011
springer getting fat
by: Anonymous

I agree with previous comments, can you give her more exercise? my springer would be overweight if he had only one hour per day and ate what he eats. He has two long walks every day (off lead) so keeps trim. If I can't take him for the two walks for any reason I just cut his food down that day, it all balances out.

I would say don't feel sorry for a dog thinking it might be hungry if you cut its food down, because a thinner dog is a healthier dog than an overweight dog, so you are actually being kind by restricting food.

Oct 01, 2011
chubby springers
by: Estie

They need exercise along with watching what they eat. Our Sammy is currently on prednisone for masticatory myositis. He has gained 4 lbs (and Cassy has too - for no good reason)on this steriod, so we are gradually trying to cut him down, but up the exercise. Will be able to go to the dog park as soon as the rattlesnakes go into hybernation!

Sep 29, 2011
by: Michele

Dogs are like people...if they eat too much and don't get enough exercise they tend to gain weight. What kind of food do you give her? You should be feeding a good brand dog food that consists of meat and vegetables, not including corn. Many dog foods contain rice and other starches that dogs do not need and this can cause weight gain.

I'd read the ingredients on the dog food and see if a change in diet might be in order. Plus, if you give treats, I'd cut back on those.

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