Strange behaviour shown by my springer spaniel towards my baby

by Bev Robinson
(Reading, UK)


I have a 6yr old female springer (Lady), she hasn't been spayed.

For the last 24hrs she has been getting me worried not about herself so much but her behaviour.

I have 3 children and she is great with them, she adores my eldest (5yr old boy) she will sleep next to his bed. I have a 2yr old girl and a 3 month old baby girl also, she isn't bothered with them.

However she has now started to become agitated, can't sit down, she follows me around every time I have the baby.

I put her down for a nap and pulled the door and Lady kept pushing it open and going in, pacing around, whining, going up on her back legs to check the cot.

When I made her leave the room and I shut the door properly she went nuts! barking, scratching the door to try and get in!

It's so not like her, I got myself so worried that something was going to happen to my baby I pretty much checked her every 5 mins!!

I rang the vet who said it could be a hormonal thing?? i dont know, I just know its not like her at all

any ideas???


Hi Bev
I can understand your concerns and if you are worried you musn't leave your baby alone with Lady.

I cannot say I have heard of anything like this before, I know springers can get anxious when babies arrive but she souunds like a seasoned pro with kids, so I am really at a loss as what you should do.

What I would suggest is that you put a baby gate on your baby's door so your springer can't get in but she can see her. Then monitor her behaviour and if there is no improvement take her to the vet.

Lets hope some other people will add their comments and help you out. Good luck

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Comments for Strange behaviour shown by my springer spaniel towards my baby

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Feb 14, 2011
Strange behavior
by: Michele

Oh good - I'm glad things are back to normal! I'm betting the new baby triggered the false pregnancy.

Feb 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

thank you for your comments.
She was never agressive, hasnt been with any of the kids, she loves them!
we did take her to the vet who thought she could be having a phantom pregnancy. she has had some hormone pills etc and within 2 days she was back to normal :-)

we have been meaning to get her spayed, however as my husband is in the military and we move a lot its sort of gone down the list! she is getting done very soon though!!

Jan 29, 2011
Strange Behavior
by: Michele

I'm thinking this could be a couple of things. First, she may well think the baby is here and wants to be around her. Has she shown any aggression toward her, like growling or snapping?

Second - she could have a false pregnancy. I would suggest a trip to the vet for a good check up. I'd also recommend some training by a professional.

I would also add that if you don't intend to breed her, you should consider spaying.

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