strange, sporadic behaviour in my ESS,

by Rhiannon

My 9 year old neutered female Springer has increasingly been displaying very uncharacteristic, sporadic behaviour.

She has always been very frightened of loud bangs of any kind and will cower, shake and hide away on bonfire night for example. She is also an anxious car passenger - drooling non-stop.

Other than these behaviours though, she is a really laid-back and loving animal -fantastic with our children,inteligent and obedient.

However, over recent years she has shown short periods (lasting 12- 24 hours usually) of worrying behaviour. During these periods she behaves in a simiar way to how she is with loud bangs - shaking, pacing and trying to hide away, but she also growls at us when we try to get her to do things she normally wouldn't have a problem with - coming out of rooms, getting off chairs etc.

She becomes very hyperactive and dependent on us too, following anyone who moves around, to the point that it can be hazardous on the stairs for example.

She behaves entirely normally with our other 2 dogs and continues eating as normal. This does not seem to be to do with lack of exercise as it is differnet from how she behaves if she misses a walk, when she can get a bit hyper, but not fearful and odd.

I have heard about Springer Rage syndrome but I do not interpret her behaviour as aggresive but rather I regard it as fearful. I wondered if this might be some kind of seizure activity or other breed-reated neurological condition.

Can anyone shed any light on this please?

Hi there
I am really unsure how best to advise you on this other than going to speak with your vet. Perhaps they can recommend a behavioursit who can help you. Lets hope one of our members can help you out. Sorry I could'nt give you better advice

Good luck

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Jan 18, 2011
Springer ...
by: Catherine H

... Harry is a three year old and on occasion he'll get very jumpy and edgy. Doesn't seem to be a pattern setting him off, other than for instance the other day we were cleaning out the garage and so he went and hid under the bushes in the garden. Just any slight change in his routine and he's all over the shop. So, maybe it's just a Springer trait, but you're right to try and find out and perhaps a vet could help. Sounds like you're doing everything right though in not getting cross but being patient. Good luck.

Jan 18, 2011
by: MrsGAnderson

Hi there, I think firstly you should see the vet and explain this and hopefully he will be able to diagnose, it doesn't sound like springer rage syndrom, more like an anxiety disorder which has happened quit quickly and she's just really very scared hence the growling when u go near her :(
My dads springer showed signs like this but was drooping to one side indicating she had had a mini stroke and her eyes were flickering so I don't think it could be that at her symptoms aren't presenting like that.
Keep us updated and good luck hun xx

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