Sybil and Maude's stressed springer spaniel owner

Sybil and Maude are my lovely rescued springer spaniels. They both had terrible starts in life - Sybil is nearly 4 and was beaten lots and Maude is about 2 years 6 months and had been savaged by another springer paniel bitch in the gundog pack that she belonged to.

I rescued Sybil a year ago from death row and Maude about 6 months they got on well to begin with but about 7 weeks ago they atarted fighting over a ball. The fighting has become so bad that I have to take Maude to the vet this morning she has a very bad cut near her eye,

Sybil is in season and we will be getting her spayed as soon as possible - I hope that this is causing the trouble between Sybil and Maude I really don't want to have to rehome either of them.

I am on holiday with Sybil and Maude in England visiting friends and family (we live in Northern Ireland) - the fighting is very distressing if anyone can help we would be very grateful. Thank you

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Sep 13, 2011
Sybil & Maude
by: Anonymous

Very knowledgeable people on here You dont say whether Maude is spayed but Im sure Sybil being in season wont be helping. If Maude isnt spayed & you get Sybil done I think you might well make matters worse as Sybil was there first as they may well be fighting over the top slot. Remove any resources ie ball & anything else they fight over & make sure you give them individual time but you would be wise to seek advice from a behaviourist over this. With any rescue dog it can take up to a year before they are truly settled & now they are starting to feel more secure they will likely become more assertive as they try to sort out their hierarchy. Just my 2cents worth based on what you've posted. There is a very good behaviourist attached to the springthing site. Good luck with your gorgeous girlies x

Sep 13, 2011
by: Merlin's mum

Is there anything going on in the environment that is stressful? I hope the spaying helps, and of course more training is better. I have a friend who had 6 pairs of birds living happily together until war broke out in the area nd then they started to kill each other. He had to separate the survivors. To say we cannot underestimate the sensitivity of animals to the tensions around them.
You are doing a great job for these two girls who had such a bad start in life. I would be careful to keep them apart or to keep the aggressor on leash for now, esp. around food and also not to give too much attention to the one being attacked in front of the other girl.
Best wishes!
ps my puppy just tried to mate with me - I got my own problems believe me! Thank God we go to puppy class 3+ times per week with a great and affordable trainer!

Sep 12, 2011
Sybil & Maude
by: Michele

Spaying should help, but my biggest suggestion to you is to find a trainer. There is no reason why two female dogs shouldn't be able to get along. They need some training....and so do you! The problem will only get worse. So, as soon as that holiday is over I would start looking for a reputable trainer.

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