Timid 4 month old Springer Spaniel

by Jazzman


I am an avid Springer Spaniel lover and care taker. I have had four of these beautful animals and they are hands down the best dog.
I recently about 3 months ago picked up my oldest Springer Abel, he is now 6 months old. He is happy loves playing and just doing his springer thing. Abel is in great health and is already a 40lb pup. He is not fat either, can still feel each on of his ribs.

Yesterday, my wife and I brought home our newest addition Abby. She is a little too timid. She barely moves, just enough to eat and drink. Last night she ate and drank quite a bit then laid back down. She didnt want to play or anything. We put her in her crate last night and she did make a sound. All night. She didnt potty for a good 12 hours. This morning we brought he outside she peed for a good 2 minutes, then laid back down on the carport and didnt move.
I am thinking it is an adjustment phase.
The breeder did say she just got her third round of puppy shots yesterday and I think that those could of made her tired, then getting a bath and adjusting to a new home could be a big part.
I do know that all of my other springers were not like this and the were a mess.
Mom and dad looked great when we met then, they we full of engery and running around the field like regular springers do.
Anyone have suggestions ideas?
Just wanting her to feel like this is her home and that we are her new parents best friends.
Abel wants to play with her but she has not interest.
I know she is just a pup but sometimes I worry.


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Dec 08, 2010
by: Sadie-Pants


I had/have the same issue with my Springer pup Sadie. She was gift (definitely the best I have ever received) from a boyfriend. We bought her from a ranch family. The breeder (if you can call her that) said the puppies were all in good health and had received their shots. When we met Sadie and her sisters, they were all energetic and happy. Sadie was the most mellow.

When we brought her home, she was really timid. EVERYTHING made her nervous. I spoke with our vet right away and he said sometimes people who are selling puppies dont understand the importance of certain types of exposure and handling when the are under 3 months. For instance, Sadie wasn't sure what a TV was or how to walk on stairs.

He recommended we expose her to everything possible. He gave us a bunch of information on how to introduce items and places to puppies. We followed it completely. Sadies 11 months now and is the happiest little lady in the world. She is still nervous (never aggressive, just very timid i.e. hiding behind my legs) around new people and large groups, but if she sees me touch a new person or hug them, she calms down quickly.

I would wait to see if your pup bounces back in a few days from the big change. If not, talk to your vet and find out how the first few months of his/her life was. If the pup was underexposed, maybe consider talking to the vet about positive and healthy ways to introduce everyday items and places. It might help!

Good luck and take care!

Sep 17, 2010
timid pup
by: shaun

our poppy was the same very timid always frowing and loooking sad,at 5 months she has a great charactor of her own and i would change it because she grounds paddy who can be a bit giddy at times there great together and one is always looking for the other so sweet really.

Sep 17, 2010
Timid Pup
by: Michele

There isn't anything sweeter than a Springer pup! Okay, maybe a new baby, but nothing else!

I think you have a couple of things going on; first you're puppy has been removed from everything familiar to her and taken to a new environment. Second, she recently had some vaccinations, which can tend to upset them for a day or two.

I would give her a couple of days and after that if she is still isn't settling in I would take her to the vet for an exam. As long as she is eating and drinking, tinkling & pooping, she's likely okay. But this way you have assured yourself she doesn't have any illnesses and you can start working on socializing her.

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