Timid 6 month old Springer Spaniel

My Springer Spaniel has just turned 6 months old. She has been timid since she was little. She used to make a really loud whinning noise when something scared her, that stopped few months ago.

She is mainly scared around new people and other dogs. She loves her walks and runs brilliantly off the lead. She is also very good at coming back to me when I want her to.

I take her on a walk once a week with my mum's dog and my sisters puppy and she loves it. Also when she does get excited with people she has already met, she tends to wee abit while getting fussed.

My previous dog did this but only with one person (my nan!) she is still a bit timid though as her tail is waggling but between her legs!

I gather it does take time for her to become less timid around people, just wondering off some tips with her!

We have just started taking her to puppy training classes, there are about 10 other dogs there. there is a dalmation the same age that we sit near and she started barking and crouching down n launching her self towards the other dog (in a playful way) but then she quietened back down.

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

Hi there
It is not uncommon for springer spaniels to be very timid. George is five and is still terrified of everything. Frankly I have always thought there are two types of Springer - Nuts or timid.

You are doing the right thing keeping up her
socialising and she will be fine, she may never be a bold springer - mine still does the whole peeing thing around strangers, some springer spaniels are real Jessies

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