Timidness in a springer spaniel

by Sue

My resuced springer spaniel now 7 months we have had him 6 weeks has settled in beautifully and is a super dog.However he is very timid around strangers and unknown places. Any tips on how to help him?

He hates cars and unknown buildings small spaces or spaces with sides, ie bridges and we cannot get him past them. We can generally walk him off the lead as he will come sit lie and stay to command without an trouble and loves to run free however if we go to any of the aobe he will not obey us in fact we either have to drag him or carry him as he will just cower and not move.

We have taken the logical step of gradually introducing him to these things albeit by force. However we were wondering about thye psychological side of this behavoiur and how we may help him.

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

Hi Sue,
You are doing the right thing by keep exposing him to the things he is scared of.

George is like this, he has always been scared of new things. I am a firm believer that there are two types of springer, insane and timid.

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Jun 17, 2010
by: Estie

We have 2 rescued springers, Sammy & Cassy. Sammy had some issues, however, 3 years later, they are resolved, but it takes time, time, time, and patience. He has turned into one of the most awesome springers ever! In 6 weeks, you have only scratched the surface of the transformation your springer will go through. Don't fret, don't force him to do something he doesn't want to do. You need to patiently take him step by step, and make sure your treats are good!!

Jun 16, 2010
by: Michele

First, it would probably help you to better understand if you knew what type of environment he had been rescued from, but that aside I think you are headed in the right direction by exposing him to his fears. I would make it a point to take him around the things that bother him the most and gently encourage him to settle down. Speaking softly and stroking our younger Springer on her chest works wonders. Treats help too.

It's possible to relieve some of his timidness, maybe not completely. But it will require patience on your part and it sounds as if you understand that.

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