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One way to stop your Springer from growling at you 
Although you should normally leave a dogs bed alone as it is known to them as being their "safe zone" if your springer starts to growl at you or become …

How to stop your Springer from getting ear infections 
My 3 month old Springer Spaniel developed an ear infection and when It cleared I was told that to reduce the risk of your Springer getting an ear infection, …

Stopping a springer barking 
When your dog starts barking at you just stand up and ignore it. If this does not work remove them from the group by putting them in a room on there own …

Getting A Springer Into Water 
We took in a rescue Welsh Springer. He surprised us by being afraid of water - he would even avoid puddles! We tempted him into a shallow stream by standing …

Springer Spaniel Becoming Aggressive 
can you help my springer spaniel has just gone aggressive what should I do plese get back to me thank you very much xxxx Return to Love Springer …

Using Bones to Clean your Springer Spaniels Teeth 
I find that giving my Welsh Springer boy a beef back rib from the butcher, uncooked, with the meat still attached keeps his teeth clean. This is much …

How to make your own bed for your Spinger Spaniel 
Bed for your dog To make an inexpensive bed for your dog, buy a foam mattress topper at a large discount store. Usually the twin size will do. Cut …

Top tip to entertain your Springer Spaniel 
When your Springer Spaniel is bored you can fill up a hollow bone with soft dog treats. You should really put hard chews at each end to make it hard for …

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Top Tips

Is your Springer Spaniel eating their own poop? Well then feed them pineapple chunks and they will never do it again. Something in the pineapple makes their poop taste so disgusting they will never do it again.

Anna, UK

Tip for springers feet in the snow: Rub baby oil into the pads of your springers feet and the snow won't form on the feet.I also do his feathers and up his legs

Dave, UK

How to get rid of a persistent ear infection: My springer Talia had an ear infection that lasted 6 weeks, despite several trips to the vet and several courses of antibiotics and ear drops it just wasn't shifting! a family friend who breeds springers sugested using some sudocreme cream (a zinc based nappy rash cream). its safe for dogs and after just 24 hours and 2 applications the infections was visibly reduced, and 3 days later it was gone!!!!!! its also good to use on minor cuts and scratches, but watch the dog doesn't try to lick it off to quick!

Sarah, UK

Maintain your Springer Spaniels ear health: A very good way to keep your Springers ear maintained and infection free: buy a bottle of WitchHazel, which is a very affordable astringent you can find over the counter in most drug stores. Using a cotton ball (never a Q tip)soak it and then clean out their ears on at least a weekly basis. WitchHazel is an astringent which cleans and can also alleviate some itching.

Doreen, US

Protect your Springers ears from yeast infections: After a swim or a bathing and after a good ear cleaning, I put just a dab of Vagisil on my finger and rub it into Waseeka's ears. For 30, I've never had to worry about yeast infection in any of my Springers' ears.

Richard, US

Mix your own Springer Spaniel ear cleaning solution: Mix in a cup one tablespoon of water with one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and add three tablespoons of dish detergent. Soak a cotton swab in this mixture and clean your springer spaniels ears thoroughly once a week. Works like a charm.

Liz, Canada

Does your Springer Spaniel Have Fleas? Original (blue) DAWN dish soap is gentle on eyes and face and other sensitive areas but kills the fleas so easily. It works great!

Nicole, US

Getting them used to Thunderstorms: Brogue is quite young yet and hasn't experienced thunderstorms, so I've decided to play the sound of a large thunderstorm on the computer every day and make sure that Brogue is within earshot. This way she will get accustomed to the noise of a thunderstorm before the spring and summer storms arrive. I found the sounds of a thunderstorm on YOUTUBE.

Liz, Canada

Fed up of your Springers fur being rough and brittle? Try using some baby oil filled half with water. Massage into your dogs fur and whilst wet use a dog brush and brush him all over, afterwards dry your Springer and then brush 1 more time and your dog will be shiny and radiant and soft!!!

Mia, UK

Removing fur easily from your moulting Springer? When your Springer Spaniel is moulting, don't bother with those special moulting brushes. Buy a cheap pair of rubber gloves, take your springer outside, holding him sitting between your knees and rub him down vigorously in the direction of the fur. Then three of four strokes in the opposite direction then back to the direction of the fur. That way you remove all the shedding fur. Then collect the fur and put it in a hedge for the birds to line their nests with.

Anna-Marie, UK

How to get those matted balls of fur safely out of their Toes? Invest in a pair of surgical scissors with the blunt ends, it makes removing those matted balls of fur in their feet much easier and safer. Your Springer will appreciate it.

Marianne, Germany

How to get your Springer to drink more water? When your Springer hasn't been drinking enough water, add some milk to their water bowl. Chances are they will finish the whole bowl off in secoinds and you don't have to worry about their kidneys.

Joanne, USA

On a budget but don't want to feed your Springer tinned food?. Then use a good quality mixer and add tuna chunks or tinned minced beef with added hot water. One tin can last 2/3 meals, and you know you are feeding your Springer a better quality meat.

Dave, Canada

Fed up of crusty food in your Springers ears after dinner? Invest in a Springer feeding bowl with sloped sides that drapes the ears on the outside. .

Anna, UK

Stinky expensive doggy shampoos? Not anymore Use diluted baby shampoo on your Springer when you bathe them, its soft on their skin and they smell sooo much better .

James, Scotland

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