Treats for your Springer Spaniel

Treats are extra bits of food that you feed your Springer Spaniel as part of their diet. Make sure that any extras that you offer your dog compliments what you are already feeding her. Ensuring that treats are not just added calories for your Springer will stop them becoming tubby, and we really don't want a waddling Springer.

Rawhide Chews

Treats for a Springer Spaniel

Rawhide Chews come in a variety of sizes, shapes and even flavours these days. They are great for your dog, especially indoors as they don't become very smelly. They are also great for cleaning your dogs teeth naturally. As you can see, George thinks they are cool!

Chewing is a great stress reliever for your dog, so make sure that they focus their chewing on a chew toy or a rawhide chew, rather than your favorite pair of shoes, after all you know that they wont go for your old trainers, it will be your most expensive pair!!


Dogs love bones and frankly the joy in their faces as they work on a bone is a delight to see. You know you have given your Springer a real treat and I think of it as the ice-cream of the Spaniel world.

Ensure that you don't give your Springer Spaniel cooked bones, as these bones become brittle and can splinter in their guts. Cooked beef bones are the exception because they are often so big that they wont splinter, however don't cook them yourself, get them from your butcher. Cooked beef bones are Georges favourite; we have a butcher that cooks them with lots of fat left on them, and George just spends hours gnawing off the chunks of cooked fat and is just so happy.

Marrow bones are also great for Springers. As the marrow is a real challenge for them to get out of the bone, they will spend many a delighted hour trying to get to this treasure, at the same time relieving stress and cleaning their teeth.

Dog Biscuits

There are a variety of dog biscuits on the market and you will have to decide which ones you want to give to your Springer. I personally give additive free biscuits to my Springer to compliment the additive free food I give him.

Biscuits can either be used for training, treats or, as my mother gives them to her Springer, as "pudding" after he has had his meal.

You can also make your own dog biscuits, check out our recipes page coming soon to find out how to cook up something special for your Springer.


Yes you read that right I said cheese. Although this should not be given very often due to its high fat content a very small amount can be given if they are getting enough exercise. I usually use this for giving George and Fidget worming tablets.


This was a tip I got from followers on Facebook when I asked what their springers favorite treats are. I have not tried this yet on George but I will let you know. I have also been recommended to put them in the freezer to help springer puppies who are teething

Doggy Chocs

Although I am personally not a fan of these, as chocolate is not great for dogs, the doggy versions are safe and often dogs can really enjoy them. George isn't really a fan so we tend to stick with the biscuits or bones.

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