What to do when your Springer Spaniels gets an upset tummy

Springer Spaniels are prone to getting an upset tummy. Its one of the traits of this pedigree breed. So hopefully there will be enough advice here to help you prepare for when your Springer is a little under the weather. Of course, if there is any doubt, take your Springer to the vet.

Eating Grass

Upset Tum

If you find your Springer mowing the lawn with his mouth, the chances are he has a bit of an upset tummy. Don’t be alarmed, grass is the equivalent of indigestion tablets for your Springer. They may go for your house plants, so make sure that you don’t have any poisonous ones within reach of your Spaniel.

When I was a kid, we had a great Springer, called Harry, who would always eat the same houseplant, and my mom would have to change it every couple of months as the leaves at Spaniel level were bare.

You may find that, once your Spaniel has had a feast of grass, they may be sick and bring it all up, again don’t be alarmed they are probably bringing up whatever it was that was causing tummy pain. Again if your dog is continually vomiting, seek the advice of your vet.


If your Springer is constantly eating grass you may want to offer him a small bowl of sauerkraut German cabbage mix). This was a tip I got from a vet a few years ago. It acts better than grass at settling an upset tummy

Recipes for upset tummies.

You may find that an upset tummy has caused your Springer to be off his food, so below are a couple of recipe ideas to get your dog back on his food. If they have been sick don’t try to get them straight back on their dog food, you may want to try something a little gentler on their tummies.

Boiled potatoes - boil up the potatoes so they are nice and soft. I tend to add a little natural yoghurt to restore some of their good bacteria in their tummies. If that does not appeal to them I will add a little bit of cooked minced meat, such as lamb, to entice them.

Boiled rice- As with the boiled potatoes, add a bit of yogurt and cooked meat to entice them.

If your Springer has been off their food for some time they may not be interested in eating. So try to encourage them by hand feeding them initially. They may only take small amounts, but feed them little and often and should help them on their way.

This is probably the only time you should leave a bowl of food on the floor for your Spaniel to come back to. However if you live in a hot climate, do ensure that flies etc cannot land on the food, otherwise they can end up with another upset tum.

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