The Welsh Springer Spaniel

The Welsh Springer Spaniel, or Welshies as they are often known, are the redhead of the Spaniel world. They are a little known breed that looks very similar to the English Springer Spaniel, and are often mistaken for the latter. There is also a school of thought that claims that the Welsh Springer was bred from the Brittany Springer Spaniel which may explain why these two breeds are also often mistaken for each other.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Despite all this, Welshies are workers with great stamina and strength, and tend to be less hyperactive than their English Springer Spaniel cousins.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a medium sized compact dog with the most beautiful red coat that needs regular grooming. They are smaller than the working line of the English Springer Spaniel but they are slightly harder to find as the breed has only been around for just over 100 years.

With a slighter build than other Springer breeds, and angled instead of rounded ears, this version of the breed was finally recognized in 1902 as a separate and distinct breed from the English Springer. Since then this line has been bred away from its English cousins.

They are great sniffers, being able to sniff out the smallest scrap of food from 50 paces, and have one hell of a determined streak when trying to get hold of it, a bit like a beagle in that respect.


Less crazy than the English Springer Spaniel the Welsh Springer Spaniel is known for their gentle personality and utter devotion to their families, making Welshies excellent family pets.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

They are not as outgoing as the English Springer Spaniel and can be somewhat reserved with strangers, however they don't show signs of timidity, shyness or aggression.

Their soft and reserved nature means that they benefit from a regular program of socialisation as a puppy to build their confidence about new situations. Welsh Springers that do not have strong pack leaders in the home can become overprotective, so it is essential that owners simulate a pack psychology within their home.

Welshies are a highly intelligent breed that are normally easy to train, they respond well to both obedience, gun dog and agility training as all of these types of training appeal to their desire to please and their need for physical and mental stimulation. However their gentle disposition means they do not respond well to harsh treatment, I recommend that a gentle approach to training is needed with this breed.

Welshies are exceptionally nosy and always need to know what is going on, they will find any window as their observation post so they don't miss out!!

If you want a dog that will be utterly devoted to you and your family the Welsh Springer Spaniel may be right for you.

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