So are Welsh Springer Spaniels right for you and your family?

Is are Welsh Springer Spaniels your ideal dog? If you are looking for a medium sized dog that is smaller than the English but larger than a cocker, then this red, fine Spaniel may be for you. Remember they are very playful and energetic Springers that need plenty of mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis.

If the content on the previous page has not put you off just yet, you may be able to offer one a good home.

If you are an active person, great. If not, you will have to become one, as you have to provide your dog with daily excercise to keep him healthy and happy.

You need to think about the time you can devote to your dog, not just taking it for walks, but playing with your dog. Welsh Springer Spaniels love to retrieve and nothing gives them greater satisfaction that a game of fetch in the garden with its Spaniel Pack. This really adds to the dog's bonding experience with his pack. Being able to devote this amount of time to your new addition is one of the key questions that you should be asking when trying to make your choice.

You also need to factor in the cost of owning a Springer, such as dog food, and maintaining their grooming and ears.

However if you feel you can take this on then you will be blessed with a fanastic new member of your family Here is an example of a breeder of Welsh Springer Spaniels, based in Scotland. They are called Llawkrik and you can find them at: If you don’t want the craziness of the English Spaniel, but still want the Springer's active and playful nature, then they may be the perfect companion for you.

As this breed is great with families and utterly devoted to them, you do not need to worry about your children being with them, however one word of caution, as they are not as bold as the English Springer you may need to teach your children to be extra gentle around your dog.

This is a breed that responds well to training, however they do suffer from separation anxiety as they are so devoted to their packs, so they require plenty of socialisation due to their gentle nature. It is also advised that this is a breed that should not be left alone for long periods of time.

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