What a night

What a night. Last night I turned from a liver and white to an all white springer!!!!

The 2 year old managed to get hold of the biggest tub of nappy rash ointment known to man, and proceeded to decorate his bed, walls and then me!!!!

Now we are not talking your smooth silky cream. We are talking your full on sticky thick white ointment. You know the one I mean, its a nightmare to get off as it coats everything like honey.

So poor old Dad at 9 pm was stripping beds, cleaning walls and bathing said white sticky toddler. I was sent to my bed with a conciliatory chew while the cream removal process began on the offending child

.8 hair washes and lots of screaming later and he still looked like a punk with his hair stuck up vertically in a white sticky mess. This did not bode well for me.

So the toddler was put to bed as Dad had removed as much as he could and he then proceeded to google removing ointment from hair - that includes my white fur. I got another chew at this point.

The next day I saw mum warming baby oil after the google search and headed for me and I went from an all white springer to a very oily liver and white. At which point I was longing to smells of dog again, baby oil is not a very macho scent the guys at the park are going laugh at me.

Then it got worse, much worse. I was deviously tricked upstairs and into the bath with biscuits and got a full on bath and shampoo, in fact 3 shampoos and I went from a baby oil smelling springer to one that smelt of Jojoba - OH THE HUMILIATION!!!!!!

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