What can I feed my Springer Spaniel?

by Michelle Albutt

I feed my springer alot of meat so I want to make sure what he is getting is good for him?

I used to give him liver alot until I read that to much was bad for him so I want to find out what else he can have.

Can I feed him kidneys or heart?

What other foods are good for him?

Thanks :-)

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Mar 22, 2012
Feeding NEW
by: Michele

There are several excellent books about nutritious home cooking for pets. One I would recommend to you is; The Whole Pet Diet by Andi Brown. You can order it on Amazon for about $12.00. It's full of all kinds of useful information and includes some recipes. What I really like about it is she explains the nutritional value of the ingredients in her recipes. She also has a homemade shampoo, ear cleaner and a couple of other interesting notes.

I homecook for my 3 dogs. At first I found it to be very overwhelming, but once I got a routine down it has gone very well for us. It's much better for your dog. Commercial dog food is highly processed, not at all nutritious and most cannot be trusted.

Dogs need meat and veggies. I also give mine fruits with yogurt or cottage cheese or by itself for a snack.

Chicken liver, as well as the heart and gizzards are absolutely okay for your dog. Liver tends to be rich, so I wouldn't give that more than a couple of times a week. I'll add cooked chicken liver to their meal twice a week - about 1/2 cup.

Start homecooking your dog's food and after about 6 weeks you'll notice a big difference in how he looks, how his hair feels, his breath will be better and he'll he acts!

Mar 22, 2012
Thanks NEW
by: Michelle Albutt

Hi there, Thanks i will check it out :-)

Mar 21, 2012
What to Feed NEW
by: Cathy Hatfield

When I am feeling rich and lazy (unfortunately and fortunately I am neither) I get my home cooked dog food from a shop nearby. They post recipes for those who want to make their own, and insist that they are balanced. You can read about it at http://justfoodfordogs.com/blog/?cat=92# and the recipes are in a drop down menu under Learning.

Hope this link is okay, just trying to get a recipe to her, not sell the services.

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