Why is my 7 month old springer so nervous and scared around strangers?

by Beth

My puppy is frightened of every new peorson she meets! It's embarrassing and I'm starting to worry about her! If they come in the house shell just bark all the time they are there, if they go up to her shell show her teeth, I'm so worried that's she might nip someone!!!if anyone has gone threw this or knows how to get her over it please let me know!

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Nov 11, 2015
springer NEW
by: Anonymous

She sounds to be all around mingled yet basically has a low nerve edge. You're not doing anything incorrectly. You're doing everything right and the way you're taking care of her will give her more certainty.

Boisterous commotions will alarm most canines, particularly ones with feeble nerves. Dissertation Help .I had one like this as well and she was an awesome puppy, a touch restless yet extremely respectful.

Numerous mutts simply don't care for being grabbed. In the event that you need to nestle her, sit on the floor and she will likely come to you.

Aug 04, 2015
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by: Files

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Dec 13, 2014
Nervous springer NEW
by: Gerry

We have a springer who is the exact same, we've had her since 7 weeks old & she's now 7 & a half & still very nervous but what a great dog she is, we found that she won't wander very far from our side while walking, she won't wander out of the garden even although there is no fence to keep her in, I can go out with her knowing that she won't bother with other dogs, she's great, enjoy the fact that she/he will always stay by you as your family are now her pack

Aug 13, 2013
anxious pup NEW
by: mel

Our pup barks when she hears someone come to the house and then looks to us to confirm everything is OK. Once we greet a visitor and she can see its a friend, then she's happy. It helped when she was very little if people waited for her to be gently introduced, rather than rushing up to pet her. (despite her being irresistible, of course!)

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