Worried about my springer spaniels health

by Michael

I am worried about my springer spaniel we live near the forest and our back gate leads on to the forest where I take her for walks.

She always rushes to get out of the gate and heads up the forest path and comes back to where I am and we then go our walk but she has twice come back extremely disoriented and barking and tends to have a lot of foam in her mouth and lips, the first time she did bite me when I went to see what was wrong.

I have taken her straight to the vets and they are uncertain as to what is happening. has anyone else had this problem

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Jun 18, 2011
Your springer
by: Sam

Could it be possible that she is eating something on the pathway that is dangerous to her? This could explain her behaviour and the foaming on her mouth. Have a look on the path to see if there is anything suspicious and if so ask your vet for advice. Hope she is ok xxx

Jun 17, 2011
Maybe too much excitment?
by: Sasha


I assume her vaccination are up to date? That way its possible to rule out disease (e.g. Rabies, where I come from Rabies is a huge problem so just always check such things). If she is free of disease, a blood test will confirm this if you aren't sure, the foam is likely due to her exerting herself too much.

Also I was wondering what her age is? It is possible that she is over-exerting herself by running herself spent too quickly. I'm not sure what the English is but it sounds like 'Galg' which is what happens when you become nauseous from too much physical exertion. My dads Staffie used to get it when she ran too much in her old age.

I would recommend that you not allow her to rush out the gate for a while. Let her sit and wait until she calms down before allowing her too run out. This could help her still enjoy the walk and run but not go crazy from excitement, which is such a springer thing to do!

Also perhaps have a friend or to go with you and keep her on the leash. Try follow her, it is possible that she has come across some animals den or feeding place. The excitement could be due to chasing something into trees and burrows. Then if she isn't trained to hunt properly, she will attempt to spring the animal from the tree or den. This could be very frustrating for her, if she doesn't succeed, and lead to the behavior your explaining.

She might be attempting to get you to follow her and "hunt" with her as she is bred to do, leading to her confusion and biting as she is trying to do something she wants to, but is unable to follow through with due to lack of training and experience.

If there is no evidence of another animal, try keeping her on the leash while you walk until she doesn't pull and try to run madly through the forest again. You could also play with her and take her for long walks before taking her to the forest, so that she has expended her energy and doesn't want to track, but rather stay with you. If you can do this for about a month or two she should be back to her normal self and you can let her off again in the forest.

Hope its nothing more serious than an excited Springer and that this helps.

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